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Tuesday 16 May 2023

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Hello there, Mr Hanratty here. I will be the guest writer for the Headmaster's Blog for the next few weeks and I look forward to updating you on life here at MGS during this busy exam season. Yesterday marked the formal start of GCSE and A Level exams. The first one up was Year 11's GCSE Religious Studies Paper 1. After years of preparation, the time has come for Year 11 and Year 13 to show the world what they are truly capable of. We have every confidence in their abilities and know they will do their best. We wish Year 11 and Year 13 all the very best in their final preparations and look forward to celebrating their achievements on Results Day in August.

Last Friday, Year 13 donned their MGS uniforms once more, sparking nostalgia and marking their Leavers' Day. Celebrations included a Quad BBQ, photos, and heartfelt goodbyes. Year 11 also said their goodbyes last Tuesday. Both year groups sang the school song for the final time as year groups in their respective assemblies and there were tears.

The Year 8 End of Year Exams commence next week, in lessons. The boys are making their final preparations both in lessons and at home. This is the last opportunity for Year 8 to demonstrate how much they have learned and how far they have come since Year 7 and before they start their GCSE courses in September. We wish Year 8 the very best in their final preparations for the End of Year Exams.

Yesterday, our Year 12 students returned to school after two weeks of UCAS exams and study leave. They are now the most senior students in the school, and those that younger year groups will look up to as role models. Year 12 students have all the potential to be great leaders and sources of inspiration for the other year groups. I’m confident that they will lead the way. Yes, they have big shoes to fill in the absence of Year 13, but I know they will carve their own path and lead with pride as the oldest students at the school. They have shown resilience and commitment throughout the year, and I have no doubt they will step up to the challenge and set a fantastic example for the Lower School.

Starting tomorrow and for the rest of the week, all Year 9 students will be off timetable to engage in a Business Challenge Activity, organised in conjunction with the Firebird Training organisation. They will work in teams with local business partners who will set them a business challenge.

We have several exciting sports fixtures lined up this week. Today, our U14A football team will be facing off against Aylesford School at 2.30pm. Tomorrow is packed with activities - first with athletics where our Year 7 & 8 team is competing against Oakwood Park Grammar School, and our Year 7 to 11 team is competing against Tonbridge. The day will be capped off with a 2.30pm cricket match between our 1st XI and The Canterbury Academy. On Thursday, our U13B cricket team will play against Maplesden Noakes School's at 3.30pm. To round off the week, on Friday our 1st XI cricket team will compete against Kings Rochester at 4pm.

Reflecting on last week's fixtures, our 1st XI cricket team played a friendly match against Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School on Wednesday, though we didn't secure a win. A massive congratulations to our Year 10 football squad for Thursday night’s 2-1 win against Aylesford School in the District Cup Final at the Gallagher Stadium. Alan B (Year 10 Corpus Christi House) delivered an outstanding performance to be named Man of the Match. We're extremely proud of this achievement and I’m sure there are many more to come for these players.

As we progress through these busy weeks of exams, we remind our students about the importance of self-care and mutual support. We hold pride in each one of our students, and we're confident they will do their best in their exams. If you have the opportunity, do encourage them and remind them of their capabilities. After all, they've got this!

Mr Hanratty